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The school has finally gotten my medical results and I am to be interviewed/tested tomorrow morning. Looks like formal classes will start soon. But I’m still not going to hold my breath for Aerial Silks classes to be open or available.

Today has been a good day for Feicha. I began consistently nailing a Feicha throw into a something like a Steve (both while turning around and standing still) from a vertical Feicha propeller today. Picked up a move that looked like a continuous One Armed Steve. And I started working on a new move that involves an elbow flick. Unfortunately I do not know the proper names of the moves.

This ¬†brings my Feicha repertoire up to 5 moves after 5 unofficial training days. No doubt that this rapid acquisition of skills/tricks will slow down as the month progresses and I get taught harder and harder tricks (one of which I’ve encountered today).

Also, Liu Laushi also has in given me a bit of “homework” too. I’ve got to work out how to do the one armed variation of the vertical propeller throw to a Steve. Something that I’d no doubt spend a fair bit of time on tonight.

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4 Responses

  1. Che says:

    Hey, I am glad things seem to be moving on your part. that is great. I hope u will learn the skill you wantd to ylearn. I am under the weather today. and tyler is doing great in school! everyone says hi!

  2. JC says:

    They are not giving me all the skills that I want. Only a subset. And they are adamant that I learn tumbling even though I’m not a tumbler. But at least I made them give up on the idea of making me do handstands.

  3. R says:

    Hehe, the handstand is the basics in acrobatics. I guess they are very traditional, just like the Peking Opera. Remember, stay safe.

  4. JC says:

    Yeah, they are very traditional here. In contemporary circus, handstands and tumbling/acrobatics are an act in themselves, but here, they are usually components of other acts. It’s pretty insane to see what some of the locals are trained to do.