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Makerbot Replicator

3D printed full size makerbot by Webca.

When someone asks you to name the printers that are able to print themselves, you might have listed the Mendel and/or Darwin. But now, you can add the Makerbot Cupcake to that list!

This isn’t some mini, pint-sized version either. The entire chassis along with the X & Y stagesĀ  are printable. However, the laser cut acrylic parts are not printable yet.

Along with other printable items/replacements such as Zaggo’s Printruder II and holders (aka dino replacements), insulator retainer, and Z-Stage, you might have an almost fully printable printer (sans rods, extruder heater, build platform, electronics). And if someone had some printable fasteners, that be even better!

For more information, look up Webca’s 3D printed Makerbot up on Thingiverse.

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