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19 June 2018 / / Code
After more than half a decade of inactivity, I’ve moved this blog over to Hugo. Does this post mean that there’ll be life in this blog again? Who knows… I’ll at the very least document what I’ve done and learnt during the migration to Hugo. Expect posts on basic Hugo setup, automated builds and and overly engineered release (hey, this was an excuse for me to rub on a little DevOps… I blame #gdbc).
25 April 2010 /
Due to being dicked around by my .es domain registrar, and a few shady registrars (one of which is the parent company of my original registrar) trying to convince me to transfer my domain, I’ve decided to let go of the .es domain and move over to my .com domain. And I don’t see much of a benefit to having that domain besides the slight cool factor. Everything will be business as usual.